The Bellingham Republican Town Committee is a group of Bellingham and other area town residents who are interested in promoting the principles of the Republican Party. Meetings are held regularly at locations throughout Bellingham. Our purpose is to promote Republican values, candidates, issues and initiatives in Bellingham as well as across Massachusetts and America. Meetings are held to discuss issues facing our party, meet and show support for political candidates, and to share information regarding local, state or federal Republican activities.
Anyone interested in learning about the Republican Town Committee is invited to attend our meetings. Registered Bellingham Republicans may be considered for membership. “Unenrolled” (Independent) voters are also welcome and may be considered for associate (non-voting) membership, as are registered Republicans and unenrolled voters from area towns. Our membership includes all of the diverse ethnicities, religious affiliations, vocations, and income levels that comprise our great Town.

Congratulations to Dan Spencer and Emily Anderson on receiving the 2014 Norfolk County Republican Committee Spirit Award for their contributions to Massachusetts Republican Party! It was a wonderful and well-attended event. Thank you to Richard Pilla and all my colleagues on the NCRC Executive Board for helping make the event a success.



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